Enniscrone Footpath Project 2023 - Safe Routes to Schools

Closed11 Aug, 2023, 1:00pm - 1 Sep, 2023, 4:00pm

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Enniscrone Footpath Project 2023 - Safe Routes to Schools

Date: August 2023



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Why are we implementing this, School Zone?. 4

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Sligo County Council with the support of the National Transport Authority propose to implement school works to improve the safety of students and vulnerable road users entering and exiting Jesus and Mary Secondary School, Cliff Road and on the R297 Main Street Enniscorne.

What are School Zones?

School Zones are built infrastructural upgrades that are designed to give priority to students at the school gate by freeing up footpaths and reducing vehicle drop-offs, pick-ups and parking. The aim is to increase safety at the school and prioritise active travel (walking, cycling, wheeling and scooting) to and from the school.

Figure 1: Example of School Zone at Star of The Sea School, Sandymount, D4


School Zones have been implemented around the Country to: 

  • Increase student safety.

  • Reduce vehicle drop-offs, pick-ups and parking outside the school gate.

  • Reduce congestion and prioritise active travel (walking, cycling and scooting) to and from the school.

  • Encourage slow, safe driving in the area of the school and along Main Street.

  • Promote considerate parking.

  • Reduce emissions and pollution and improve air quality and noise quality by reducing the volume of traffic at schools and vehicles with engines idling.

Why are we implementing this, School Zone?

Traffic related safety concerns have been reported and observed by the school, parents, neighbours, at Jesus and Mary Secondary School on Cliff Road, including:

  • The high volume of vehicular traffic at school times outside the school gate on Cliff Road.

  • Safer Crossing points for school children. 

  • Improved footpath and cycling facilities.

  • Parents perceive outside the school gate as "the most dangerous part of the school journey" with vehicular parking dropping off in the middle of the road and reversing and U-turns. 

  • Vehicular parking either fully or partially on the footpath on Cliff Road.

  • Speeding and high volume of traffic on Cliff Road and Main Street.

  • Pedestrian congestion when a high volume of people at school times are travelling down the narrow paths in the school vicinity.

Figure 2: Green Schools Parents survey illustrating the fundamental issues in relation to School Safety


The results of the Green Schools Parent Travel Survey for Jesus and Mary School indicate that most students are travelling to the School form within a 1km radius. Refer to figure 3 below.

Figure 3: Green Schools travel survey illustrating the population density within 1km of the school.

Project Information

Sligo County Council have secured funding under the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Programme in 2023 for a significant project at Jesus and Mary Secondary School and along Main Street Enniscrone. The project will encompass the following works.

  • The creation of a dedicated school zone at Jesus and Mary Secondary School (Cliff Road -Rear of school), with the provision of different coloured road surface with associated signage. Additionally there is a significant intervention with wider footpaths along R297 Main  Street.
  • Reduction of carriageway widths, with residual space attributed to pedestrians.
  • Provision of two new pedestrian crossing facilities. – one on Main Street and one on Cliff Road.
  • Provision of junction tightening measures and raised crossing facilities.
  • Provision of dedicated landscaping scheme.
  • Provision of a new storm water drainage system.
  • Provision of new dedicated public lighting system.

Project Benefits

School children will often be accompanied by an adult, and perhaps siblings, on the journey to school. The provision of wider footpaths will allow children to develop their abilities and independence by giving them the space to be at a safe distance from their parents. Careful consideration was exercised in terms of the position of the pedestrian crossings, while still complying with relevant safety standards and legislation. These improved facilities will make walking and cycling to school easier and safer for school children.

The implementation of the project will make Cliff Road safer. It will help reduce speeds on Main Street (R297). The project will significantly reduce traffic speeds, reduce turning speeds at junctions, and increase intervisibility between motorists and other vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists). The project will provide shorter crossing distance for pedestrians to walk on the roadway. It provides improved facilities for pedestrians and strengthens walking links to the school.

A new landscaping and public lighting scheme have been developed for the project. The landscaping will provide a softening of the new footpaths. It will provide a sense of place and highlight to motorists that they are entering an urban area and school zone. The public lighting scheme will provide adequate lighting levels and ensure safety for walkers at night.

Considering all elements proposed in a global sense, the project will provide a significantly safer environment for all road users.

Scheme Drawings

The attached drawings outline the design and layout for the scheme.



Student Safety
Reduce traffic congestion
Safe parking
Physical Activity
Environmental Impacts