Garrignagat to Collooney Village - Active Travel

Closed21 Mar, 2023, 12:00pm - 5 Apr, 2023, 12:00pm

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Garrignagat Bridge (Railway Bridge) to Collooney Village – Active Travel

Active Travel is defined as ‘travelling with a purpose, using your own energy’. Government investment in Active Travel has increased significantly in recent years. This reflects the commitments made in the National Sustainable Mobility Policy , the Climate Action Plan , and other Government policies to encourage modal shift, where possible, away from private car use and towards more sustainable transport modes. Active travel is cemented in these policies which seeks to deliver at least 500,000 additional daily active travel and public transport journeys by 2030. Active travel is an intrinsic part of a sustainable transport system, one that priorities low carbon transport choices and comprises multiple modes, including walking, cycling, public transport, and bike, wheeling, and car sharing.

Sligo County Council have secured further funding in 2023 under the umbrella of Active Travel for the completion of the pedestrian link form Ballysadare to Collooney along the R290. The scheme will commence at Carrignagat Bridge and finish at the Collooney Bridge (Owenmore River) The project will continue the design ethos of phase 1 and include the following elements of work.

  • Provision of a dedicated footpath on the eastern side of the R290 form Garrignagat Bridge (Railway Bridge) to Collooney Village
  • Provision of widened footpaths form the Collooney Bridge to the Coolaney/Collooney Road junction.
  • Provision of pedestrian crossing facilities between Collooney Bridge and Coolaney/Collooney Road junction.
  • Provision of junction tightening measures at the Coolaney/Collooney road junction.
  • Upgrade the existing bus stop including widened footpaths and the provision of dedicated bus shelters.
  • Provision of footpaths along the Collooney to Coolaney Road, including the creation of a priority traffic system under the railway bridge.
  • Provision of landscaping at appropriate locations
  • Provision of a new storm water drainage system
  • Provision of dedicated public lighting system

The attached drawings outline the design and layout for the scheme. It is anticipated that the works will commence in quarter 2 of 2023.  Please submit any comments that you may have before Wednesday 5th April 2023.


Bus stops
Public Lighting