Re-imagine Rosses Point

Dúntadate_range17 Mei, 2022, 11:00am - 1 Iúil, 2022, 5:30pm

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Rosses Point

Sligo County Council are delighted to present a further consultation on possible outcomes for a re-imagined Rosses Point to address the issues that you raised in previous consultations. 

Please click on 'Re-imagine Rosses Point - June 2022' on the right (under Materials). Click on 'make a submission' and tell us what you think. 

Your views and comments will be analysed, summarised and presented to the members of the Municpal District of Sligo Drumcliff. Based on your views, a design may progress to a Part 8 planning consent process, which will once again be subject to public consultation and will be voted upon by the members of the Sligo Drumcliff MD.  At that point, if the scheme is approved, Sligo County Council will have to apply for funding to develop the scheme further and ultimately construct it.

Thank You!

This project is being funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development through the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund.


Public realm improvements
traffic management
car parking
cycling infrastructure
pedestrian safety