Re-imagine Strandhill - Where do we go from here?

Dúntadate_range22 Nol, 2021, 1:00pm - 7 Ean, 2022, 5:30pm

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Sligo County Council are delighted to present feedback on our consultation 'Re-imagine Strandhill', carried out on this portal in October 2021 (click on 'Re-imagine Strandhill - Where do we go from here') on the right (under Materials).

This document summarises the submissions we received in both October and  July (online survey) and gives our take on where we should go from here.  Unfortunately we cannot fulfil all your aspirations in one go! But based on what you told us and using the extensive expereince from our design team in LUC,  we have put forward a series of interventions that we feel will address the issues raised in the two consultations we have held to date.

These proposals will be worked up in more detail and will be presented to you again through a Part 8 process to take place early in 2022.

A big thank you to everyone who made a submission on this portal in October 2021 and to those who answered our survey in July.  We really do appreciate and value your input.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

This project is being funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development through the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund.