Sligo Public Realm Enhancements

closeddate_range22 Sep, 2020, 12:38pm - 23 Oct, 2020, 5:30pm

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Thank you for your comments so far.  Please note we will be closing the consultation this evening Friday 23 October 2020 6pm.

Sligo County Council intend to enhance Stephen Street, Holborn Street, Rockwood Parade, Tobergal Lane and Water Lane as part of the Sligo Public Realm Enhancement Project. 

We are working on a design for these streets in line with the 2018 Public Realm Plan for Sligo and we want your help.

The Public Realm Plan set out to create a vibrant city centre, while celebrating the unique heritage and culture of Sligo. Our design for these streets builds on this vision and aims to inspire residents, visitors and local businesses by providing attractive, healthy and safe spaces to enjoy. 

Have your say on the emerging designs.  Click on the links opposite to view the proposal so far. 

If you like, leave us a comment. Here are some yes/no questions for you about these streets which you can copy and paste into your submission:

1.     Would you like to see more trees and planting? 

2.     Would you like to see more cafés, bars and restaurants using the street for outdoor seating? 

3.     Do pedestrian crossings  need to be improved and should footpaths be wider? 

4.     Do you think the street lighting needs to be better?

5.     Do you think there should be more bicycle parking? 

6.     Do you feel the streets would benefit from traffic calming measures?

7.     Do you agree that Rockwood Parade should be designed mainly for pedestrians? 

8.     Do you think there should be more seating and gathering opportunities in the area? 

9.     Is there a need for more interpretation features / cultural references on the streets? 

10.    In general, what do you think of our designs? 

If you want to hear more, join us at a public webinar on


The webinars will last approximately 40 minutes. They will be on Microsoft Teams.

To join the webinars:

  1. Click on the correct link below at the scheduled time.
  2. This will open a window with two options. If you already have the Microsoft Teams app click “go straight to the presentation”. If you don’t have the Microsoft Teams app click “watch on the web instead."
  3. This opens another window saying welcome to the live event. Click on the “join anonymously” link. This will take you directly to the webinar which will start at the specified time and date.
  4. You can type questions and make comments during the webinar and we will try and respond to as many of these as we can during the webinar.